Restoration Services

Whether its storm damage from high winds, hail or water damage we have the knowledge and crews to complete your project.


This Customer had wind, water and hail damage to her home that affected the roofing and siding. The Siding that was originally on her home was a lower grade vinyl siding and 3 tab shingles.

We were able to upgrade her to a 30 year architectural shingle with 30lb felt, Ice and water on the frost line and in the valleys, drip edge and gutter apron was installed as part of the upgrade along with ridge vent.

Her vinyl siding was upgraded as well from a lower grade vinyl to a premium grade vinyl siding and to say thanks we did the entire front of this home in Versetta Stone and wrapped the entire home in adobe cream PVC coil stock.

This is where it pays to have a personable relationship with our customers where its not just another job.

She enjoyed our work so much that we got all the interior work as well.

This Customer inherited his family house that had set for a few years empty that had a tree fall on the roof and water had ruined the sill plates on all the walls so he stripped it down to studs and we were called in to reframe the exterior walls in place and put new sheathing on the exterior.

We tore the roof off and replaced the top plates and added a 2 foot rafter tail on each rafter then put down new 7/16" OSB, ice and water on the frost line of the roof and over any opening in the roof,#15lb felt gutter apron around entire roof and installed architectural shingles.